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Primary Purpose of Job

  • To provide leadership in maximizing organizational security by mitigation of security risks across the organization by establishing and ensuring the functioning of security systems and mechanisms thereby, institutionalizing an organizational culture and practice of safety and security.
  • The purpose of this position is to support senior leadership in embedding a risk-aware culture within the organization and provide ongoing support for the office’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programme, in alignment with the org. Enterprise Risk Management Framework and org. policy on ERM.
  • To provide high level support to the Board of Directors and Society. This position uses diplomacy and ensures confidentiality of all matters related to the Board’s work and meetings. The staff interfaces with the Board and Society members on a strategic and administrative level with work plans, organizational duties and with subject matter expertise related to the Board, Society and Committee meetings.

   Key Deliverables:

  • Monitors predictive socio-political and law and order indicators and issues early warning information and security risk advisory to org offices.
  • Maintains and augments the security information network to gather, analyze and share appropriate information with the field offices on security issues and concerns.
  • Coordinates the implementation of Core Security Requirements
  • Initiates, develops and reviews all security systems and procedures as appropriate to reduce security risks along with the Managers-(Enterprise Risk) Security Management and Field HR Managers.
  • Delivers security education and awareness programs to sensitize, motivate employees and management to follow org. security policies and procedures designed to reduce security risks
  • Serves as Convenor of the Incident Support Team (IST) to manage security incidents and potential security risk situations
  • Act as the Enterprise Risk Management contact of org. for all org. partnerships engagements on security and ERM
  • Endeavors to create and sustain an enterprise risk management philosophy and culture within the organization
  • Develops and facilitates implementation of organizational ERM framework and supporting systems, procedures and manuals
  • Develops and facilitates enterprise risk assessment methodology, which involves identifying, describing and estimating the risks affecting the organization critically
  • Develops and manages a consolidated organization risk register and its periodic up-dation
  • Reports on enterprise risks in an appropriate way for different internal stakeholders and engages with the Board Risk & Audit Committee on ERM
  • Provides support, creates awareness and conducts training in association with ERM Committee to build enterprise risk management capabilities within the organization


  • Coordination of ERM committee and its business

Travel Requirement

Role Balance

Frequency as and when required                Locations

Domestic and International

People – percentage of

time getting things done through others


Scheduling – planning, coordinating


Technical – delivering based on

knowledge and skills 70%

Key Accountabilities

Measured by

Time Spent on each KPI



Strengthen organizational security by mitigation of security risks across the organization by establishing and ensuring the functioning of security systems and mechanisms thereby, institutionalizing an organizational culture and practice of safety and security

  • Core security architecture developed: security strategy, annual business plan, security capacity building plan.
  • No. of CSRs implemented
  • Number of SRAs reviewed and updated biannually
  • Timeliness of meeting security administration requirements: weekly, MMR, CRR, CSR, SITREPS
  • Percentage of timely reporting of security incidents as per IIM protocols and regular updating of cases on the IIM.
  • Completion of CRR
  • Implementation of CSR in projects.
  • Number of trainings conducted, with reference to the organizational security capacity building plan
  • No. of appropriate security alerts.
  • Timely reporting of security incidents.







To develop and facilitate implementation and functioning of Enterprise Risk Management framework and System and to lead the Enterprise Risk Management committee to identify, manage and mitigate critical risks to and across the organization.

  • Completion of bi-annual review of risk registers at NO level.
  • Developing functional risk registers
  • Availability risk registers at the ADP Level.
  • No of ERM committee (at least 4 meeting).
  • Presentation of top ten risk to Board/ARC.
  • Reporting the top risk to region
  • Due Diligence of the probable partners and donors








Strategic advisor/ support staff to the Board and liaison Ing with the Regional Security Advisor

  • Support to Board and Society by effectively managing meetings and documentation. Support ND/ CEO on strategic level presentations to the Board.
  • Proactively working with the ND/ CEO and senior staff in ensuring that the Board approved policies are communicated for implementation.
  • Ensuring that the Global Governance Database is updated regularly by liaising with the Board and Society members and ensuring their documentary compliance.
  • Support to committees as subject matter expert in its functions as well as for recruitment, on-boarding, exit of member. Maintaining a Board development plan by providing best practices advices/ recommendations for procedures and processes.
  • Timely reports of Board and society meetings for Senior Management Team.










  • Support towards continual Board development and liaison Ing with Regional Governance Advisor. Ensuring completion of Annual Performance Assessment of Board for their 2/3-year development plan. Coordinating Board retreats, workshops and project visits.
  • Legal Documentation and local filing requirements fulfilled regarding board and the organization.
  • Managing Board & Society budgets along with expenses and reports to Global Governance Department.
  • Liaising with org. Peer Review Department on the Board Self Review process documentation and implementation for submission to Global Governance Department.



Role Requirement


(the leadership skills to do the job)

  • Ability to work independently, systematically and under pressure to mitigate legal risk to the organization
  • High level of integrity, ability to function without any kind of bias and maintain confidentiality
  • Demonstrated strong Christian commitment with good interpersonal skills for cross-culture interaction
  • Ability to communicate well in English. Knowing Hindi language is desirable
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to gather, analyses, and evaluate information and to prepare concise written reports
  • Technical expertise on risk assessment methodology or willingness to learn
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good planning and organizing skills
  • Ability to learn ERM customized software solutions and provide user training and support as needed

Knowledge & Qualifications

(The specific qualifications and knowledge required)

  • Masters’ degree
  • Strategic thinker with strong influencing skills and exceptional professional credibility
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively across all levels of the organization and develop positive working relationships.
  • Demonstrated personal values, attitudes and behaviors that are consistent with organization Core Values


(The experience gained - including environment, timeframe and context)

  • At least three (3) years’ experiences in Govt security or law enforcing agencies or NGO security management.
  • At least 3 years working in a risk management function or closely related role




How to apply

Interested candidates can mail their detailed resume at (Please mention the position name in Subject)




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Peopable Management Services Private Limited

  • Peopable Management Services Private Limited is a Human Resource Management Company focused on the hiring of staff for the Social Sector in India.

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  • Location : Tamil Nadu - Chennai
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