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Peopable Management Services Private Limited

Location - Chennai 

Primary Purpose of Job

Provide quality support to Technical Program (TP) teams, Sponsorship, PNSF, Corporate (CSR), Grant funded programs and projects in the Assessment, Rapid Assessment, (Re) Design phases of programming/project cycle. This includes development, review and finalisation of innovative concept notes, proposals, TP/CESP Design, training, etc along with Theory of Change, logical framework analysis, Indictor Tracking Table, budget, etc.

Align all processes and products related to assessments, designs, concept notes, proposals, etc to Our Promise, child well-being objectives as outlined in the country strategy, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Government priorities, etc. Adhere to Program Quality, DME standards and requirements to ensure quality and effectiveness of programs and projects.

Coordinate end-to-end baseline processes for Programs and Projects as per need including developing baseline design, training, tool development, data collection process, data analysis, reporting in coordination with the concerned program or project teams. Develop target setting guidance and provide support to program/project teams to set targets based on the baseline values and the guidance.

Key Deliverables:

  • Develop quality products such as concept notes, proposals, TP/CESP Design documents including robust Theory of Change, logical framework analysis, Indicator Tracking Table, budget, etc.
  • Develop M&E framework with baseline for all Sponsorship, PNSF, Corporate (CSR), Grant, Government funded Program and Projects including ongoing ones
  • Align all processes and products to organisational priorities and standards

Key Accountabilities

Ensure quality in assessment process and assessment products

  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders in conducting the assessment process for Programs and Projects as per need
  • Develop, review and finalise the development of quality products related to Assessment phase for Programs/Projects funded by Sponsorship, PNSF, Corporate, Grant, Government, etc
  • Coordinate with the data hub to access primary and secondary data required for the assessment process

Ensure quality in design process

  • Facilitate the development of program/project designs that build partner capacity in a way that ensures sustainability. Make recommendations for the log frame development, based on relevant information. Support the program/project teams in the development of the logic of the intervention, as required
  • Facilitate participatory review of logical flow and consistency within the hierarchy of objectives and assumptions and contextualize indicators drawing on community conversations as appropriate
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders in the design process of Programs and Projects as per need. Design includes concept notes, proposals, etc.
  • Contribute to the development of Technical Programme Design Document as applicable  Facilitate Program / Project Design workshops as required
  • Integrate recommendations of evaluations into the (re) design process

Ensure quality in design products

  • Develop, review and finalise the development of quality products related to Design phase for Programs/Projects funded by Sponsorship, PNSF, Corporate, Grant, Government, etc
  • Ensure M&E framework meets standards
  • Coordinate the entire process related to baseline, Mid-term reviews, etc with data quality

Enhance DME capacity to ensure program quality

  • Train the project and programme teams to conduct baseline, mid-term review, etc
  • Develop modules for training sessions on assessment, design, baseline, etc
  • Facilitate sessions in Design Execution Workshops, target setting workshops, etc
  • Train Program/Project teams on DME competencies
  • Visit programs and projects periodically to support, build capacity, and provide closer supervision and strategic direction to field staff to achieve their output level targets and document those using standard monitoring tools

Role Requirement


  • Ability to understand & explain complex DME processes
  • Well-developed conceptual thinking skills
  • Ability to recognize and manage DME resources and tools effectively
  • Good communications skills
  • Demonstrated experience in Baseline and Mid-term assessments, development and use of both quantitative and qualitative tools
  • Experience in organising workshops related to assessment and designs

Knowledge & Qualifications

  • A Post Graduate degree in Social Work, International Development Studies, Community Development or any relevant professional qualification.
  • Understanding of key poverty issues, social and cultural constraints and realities, development theories, transformational and sustainable development
  • Knowledge of program logic, theory of change, and community empowerment
  • Knowledge of key sectoral and cross-cutting themes  Knowledge of organisational standards, policies, processes, etc related to Program Quality


  • Should have atleast 10 years of experience in proposal writing/ designing of Programs/ Projects
  • Building successful collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders

How to Apply

Interested candidates can mail their resume at contact@peopable.co.in (Please mention the position name in the Subject)

Company Profile

Peopable Management Services Private Limited

  • Peopable Management Services Private Limited is a Human Resource Management Company focused on the hiring of staff for the Social Sector in India.

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  • Location : Tamil Nadu - Chennai
  • Job Title: Manager - Design
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